Watch to see how Jamie soars through life with the Aviator. This lightweight foot is designed to provide high energy return, comfort, and vertical shock absorption in every step. When life gets turbulent, the Aviator can help you stay the course.

Father, pilot, motivational speaker, motorcycle drag race champion—the list goes on! Reggie Showers shares his inspiring story and experience with the Voyager feet. As an amputee for 40+ years, he has learn which technology fits best with his active lifestyle.

“At the end of the day, the only time I’m tired is from the work I do, and not the foot I’m wearing.” See how the tri-axial Terrain foot fits into Mark’s daily life and adventures.

From skating competitions to cheering on his little ones at soccer games, Oscar is always on the move in his Venture and Terrain feet! Watch as he shares his incredible story with us.

Meet Chris Bruha, bilateral below-knee amputee. Chris wears College Park Soleus feet after undergoing osseointegration. He loves spending time with his family and exploring the great outdoors. Watch as he shares his inspiring story with us in his hometown of Livingston, Montana.

Meet Daniel Fassett, unilateral below-knee amputee. Dan wears a College Park Velocity foot. He loves spending time with his children, hunting, and exploring the trails. Watch as he shares his inspiring story.