Meet Chris Bruha, bilateral below-knee amputee. Chris wears College Park Soleus feet after undergoing osseointegration. He loves spending time with his family and exploring the great outdoors. Watch as he shares his inspiring story with us in his hometown of Livingston, Montana.

Meet Oscar Loreto, Jr.! From skating competitions to cheering on his little ones at soccer games, Oscar is always on the move in his Venture foot. Watch as he shares his incredible story with us.

Learn about Rick Blink’s success with College Park’s Espire Elbow Pro. Product Engineer, Justine Nestorowich, outlines the importance of patient input on this journey. Welcome to a New Era in Motion.

“Life is just beginning.”

Below-knee amputee Jen Lacey shares her story of living with pain and depression, to now pursuing the active life she wants. This is her experience going from a basic carbon fiber foot to the College Park Soleus.

Meet Daniel Fassett, unilateral below-knee amputee. Dan wears a College Park Velocity foot. He loves spending time with his children, hunting, and exploring the trails. Watch as he shares his inspiring story.

The story of College Park Industries through the eyes of Molly Null, bilateral below-knee amputee. Since 2008, Molly has engaged in life every day with her custom College Park feet. Watch her emotional visit to the College Park headquarters and production facility in Warren, Michigan, USA. Join her as she meets the dedicated team and learns about the technology, precision quality and hand-crafted manufacturing process that creates the College Park difference for users all over the world.