Unilateral, Above Knee Amputee PRODUCT: Voyager and Capital

What is your advice for amputees?
“The best advice I’ve received about the limb loss journey is that amputation isn’t an end. It’s a beginning to a life that can be extraordinarily wonderful, full of purpose, community, and love.”

What does REBUILT. mean to you?
“The personal meaning behind being REBUILT is everything to me. It means we tear down what wasn’t working before without any guilt, shame, or embarrassment. And we bravely move forward becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be.”

Zach’s Story
At just eight years old, Zach Gowen lost his leg above the knee to osteosarcoma. Zach defied the odds and went on to become the world’s first amputee professional wrestler! At 19 years old, he signed a three-year contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and was featured prominently on their television program Smackdown! being involved in on-air story lines with cultural icons like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Brock Lesnar, and Vince McMahon. He competed on American Ninja Warrior and is now a DDPYoga instructor, motivational speaker, mentor, and author. He loves spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their four kids. As a volunteer and mentor with Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Zach spends time helping children navigate their cancer and limb loss journeys with hope, light, and resilience.

Zach Gowen

The Voyager’s energy return and shock absorption put less strain on my residual limb. My favorite feature is the torsion ability! I’m doing movements I didn’t think were possible considering how high up my amputation is. It’s truly a game changer. I always have to consider how well a knee matches with my foot and socket. With the hydraulic Capital, everything feels so effortless and efficient, allowing me to do a better job as a husband and father.