Style meets comfort in the Accent foot. With the ability to adjust heel height by 2” (5 cm) through a simple push of a button, you can wear the shoes you love. The foot also comes with a contoured, soft shin fairing that locks into the shell and prevents cosmetic buckling when the foot is adjusted at various heel heights.

The Sidekicks are the first adjustable stubbie feet for foreshortened prostheses. With natural ankle movement and a flexible platform, they are a vast improvement over current options for bilateral, transfemoral amputees. Sidekicks even work well for rock climbing, snowboarding, waterskiing, and many more activities. 

Truper and Truper Teddy

The Truper foot combines high energy with stability for active kids. This foot allows for a smooth, controlled transition from standing to running. We know how quickly kids grow, so we made sure the Truper is easily adjustable and has two size ranges to provide flexibility through adolescence.