Bilateral, Below Knee Amputee
PRODUCT: Voyager

What is your advice for amputees?
“My advice to new amputees is that whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay to live in your feelings! At least for a little while. That anger, frustration, resentment, confusion, and uncertainty are all normal human emotional reactions after experiencing a limb loss. Amputation is a shock to the system! What I can tell you from my 45 years of being an amputee is that there is healing power in time and peer support! Get connected with a support group or a role model who has walked in your shoes and let them help to guide you through the recovery process. Proper support is crucial to adjusting to your new normal.”

What does REBUILT. mean to you?
“To me, rebuilt means being given the gift to return to center. When I look at the word REBUILT, I’m reminded of all the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, prosthetists, engineers, amputee mentors and support group leaders who have all played an important part in contributing to the uplifting and the returning to center that I’ve been able to achieve. There’s an old African proverb that says that it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a village to rebuild an amputee!”

What are your favorite avenues for limb loss community outreach?
“My favorite avenues for amputee outreach are most social media platforms and most importantly, in-person peer support group activities and functions. Using social media to communicate with other amputees is a powerful tool to get information in a timely manner. Wherever you may be in the world, you can instantly feel ‘connected’ to the amputee community online. But nothing can take the place of being able to share a supportive word or touch with another amputee in person. It’s a magically healing experience that still helps me after 45 years!”

Reggie’s Story
Reggie Showers lost both of his legs at the age of 14 from an electrical accident. Determined to live his life to the fullest, Reggie went on to become a two-time IDBA Motorcycle Drag Racing World Champion, professional speaker, pilot, rock climber, and adaptive snowboard instructor. Reggie is also passionate about being a great father and helping out friends and family with construction projects. He attributes his successes to mentors, determination, hard work and his College Park feet. Though considered an extreme athlete, Reggie loves the everyday comfort he gets from his Voyager feet.

I never knew what I was missing until trying this foot. The shock absorption and torsion have opened up a whole new world of mobility for me. People have always told me I have great gait, but I never knew how rigid I walked until I walked with the benefit of torsion. That feature allows my legs to naturally and comfortably rotate as I walk.